The NEC100 and NEC200 provides a simple solution for equipment security. The durable coiled and retractable lanyards provide a full range of motion and easily secure to your application.

NEC100 and NEC200

  • Constructed of durable Nylon core with MIL-C-55668 retractable lanyard jacket.
  • Each lanyard has a break away safety feature at 165 lbs. tensile strength.
  • The lanyards could be attached to the OTV/IOTV with two MOLLE attachments.
  • You can get a snap clip to secure an NVD lens cap.
  • Made in the USA
  • Color: Black and Tan

Coil cord for GPS, NVD, Radio or other valuable equipment:

  • Securing NVDs to the OTV/IOTV or ACH
  • Securing a hand-held radio to the OTV/IOTV
  • Securing a GPS device to the OTV/IOTV
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