Cable Assembly

Molded Connectors and Strain Relief Systems to Complete Your Cable Assembly

Cable Assembly

CableScience Inc. offers service through expertise in over mold tool design coupled with vast experience building reliable cable assemblies for OEM customers in a variety of industries. Whether your cable assembly is at the concept stage, requires reverse engineering, or perhaps simply needs a more reliable quality driven supplier, CableScience Inc. has the know how to meet your requirement.

Often the most important factor in building a reliable cable assembly to meet your product life goal is the strain relief and connector back end design. Built upon decades of successful innovation in the design and manufacture of cable and molded components for mission critical Medical and Military applications, CableScience Inc. has developed the ability to bring the same quality and longevity to your project.

Our partnership with mold makers and some of the most skilled artisans in their field makes us a go to source for complete molded cable assemblies certified to the most stringent quality standards.

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